MUNCH – A Food Festival by Pexmas

And we’re back!

May we present our next market event, MUNCH, a food festival for Peckham 13th and 14th July 2013.


Applications are now being taken for 70+ stallholders per day and 15 hot food vendors. Click HERE for our application packs.

We need everything from pickles and potatoes to dishcloths and dining sets so get in touch if your product belongs at MUNCH

Hot food sellers: Breakfast, lunch and dinner from an eclectic mix of the best street food vendors from across the capital

Produce: Fruit and vegetables from a wide and specialised selection of suppliers

Cakes/Pastry/Bread: Local producers providing the best and butteriest baked goods

Store Cupboard: High end products from the local community and across London to re-invigorate your store cupboard

Kitchen Equipment and Paraphernalia: Give your cooking space a boost with artist designed linens and tableware and get experimental with gadgets

Food Literature: Update your bookshelves or subscribe to a magazine to widen your foodie repertoire

Workshops: Bookable workshops to learn new skills and hear from the professionals

Talks: 10 minute Speed-Talks from our ‘Local Food Heroes’ and chaired discussions

A Shiny New Bar: Craft beers, cocktails, wine and snacks

Coffee: AND CAKE

More info coming soon…

In the meantime. GET IN TOUCH and APPLY!


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