28 Days till Glorious Garden-y Gifts…

Today’s the day we celebrate all the treats you can pick up at Pexmas for those with green fingers, a lust for the outdoors, or your common-or-garden armchair naturalists (yes that’s the right word). Here’s some of the things we’ve got our beady eyes on…

Food Guide UK : Eggpot & Shovel in colour

Food Guide UK – Super lush stuffs inspired by the garden, growing and eating. Beautiful home wares and info-graphics including: these cute mini flower pot and spade eggcups; seasonal gardening mugs, prints and tea towels; and now a range of christmas veg cards. Food Guide UK products are all designed by the wondrous Lahla Smart and made by a small team in London, Cornwall and Stoke. Come and snaffle some!

Seedball: A seedball in action; birdsfoot trefoil.

Seedball – Seedballs are a fantastic simple way to grow wild flowers. Around 1cm in size, just chuck ’em into your garden, wait for the rain, give it a bit of time and BAM! Flowers!! You’ve got yourself a snazzy garden attracting bees, butterflies and all the loveliness of spring. A super easy task with a flourishing outcome. Great stocking fillers for lazy gardeners, or folks who like surprises! Also fab way to start kids off in the garden.

London Terrariums: A hanging terrarium

London Terrariums – Fancy a mini garden on your desk? Look no further. London Terrariums, based in Peckham, create mini gardens in all shapes and sizes. These little gems are the perfect gift and you can pick em up at Pexmas! We’re so thrilled these local lovelies are joining us this year – not only for their gorgeous tiny succulent scenes, but also ‘cos we get to use the super fun word ‘Terrarium’ on a regular basis!

photo (1)
Dulwich Logs at The Nunhead Bite 2014

We met Dulwich Logs just in time for the Nunhead Bite in October and ’twas a ‘match’ made in heaven. (Sorry). Matt and co provide beautifully packaged and locally sourced firewood, all guaranteed to be below 20% moisture content to burn efficiently and cleanly. For anyone with a wood burner or open fire, this to-your-door service will be your knight in shining armour during these wintery months.




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