25 days till Baking Bonanza…

Today is the day you’ve all been waiting for… We bring you all things CAKE! At Pexmas this year we have a huge variety of lovely baked goods. From crazy cupcakes, to glorious gluten free, to gooey brownies. Bring on the bakers…

SE Brownie Bar
South East Brownie Bar at Munch 2014

South East Brownie Bar – Maria’s Brownie Bar from SE Cakery is a true labour of chocolatey love. On a quest for the perfect brownie, these guys are all about incredible flavours and combinations. You might fancy a salted caramel, rocky road or banana crunch. Or what about a ‘cocknie’ (cocktail+brownie, geddit?) in flavours such as mojito or pina colada. Heaven in a stripey pink bag.

Bonne Bouche Cakery: Triple Chocolate Bundtlet

Bonne Bouche Cakery – These gorgeous sponges with a hole in the middle are the new IT cake. And for Pexmas the lovely Lauren is doing some festive themed varieties including chirstmas pud, mulled wine and hot spiced cider. We cannot wait to get our hands on them…

Monkeypoodle Cake Company: Figgy Orange Christmas Pud

Monkeypoodle Cake Company – A cake company specialising in all things gluten free (hurrah). Monkeypoodle will be focusing on Christmassy baked gloriousness with Xmas cakes, gingerbread men, christmas cookies, mince pies and much more. Whether its to save for the big day or eat on the spot, you do not want to miss out.

Cat food: Selection of scrummy cupcakes

Cat food – Coming at you with some seriously pimped up cupcakes. Think Oreo stuffed dark chocolate sponge topped with peanut butter frosting and gold pretzels, raspberry mojito, blueberry cheesecake…Need we say more?! There are cupcakes, and then there are Cat Food cupcakes.


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