24 Days till… The Big Chill

With all the chaos of the festive season, a visit to Pexmas is a great chance to relax as well as get the shopping done. Come and find one of these stalls to help you wind down before the holidays:

Mousetail coffee

Mousetail Coffee – When your fingers are numb and you need a little warming pick me up then look no further than Mousetail Coffee for a delicious cuppa joe. Peckham’s favourite coffee cart is back at Pexmas to perk you up.

Rye Books and Trees!
Rye Books at Pexmas 2013

Rye Books and Hot Chestnuts – If it’s all getting too much, retreat into a good book. Fiction, Travel, Biography, Food and a great selection of Kids tales; Whether looking to tick another gift off the list or something to hole up in, Alastair at the Rye Books has got your covered. And while you’re at it, grab a bag of toasty chestnuts from their Trike to keep your energy up through the strenuous browsing…

Syrup Junkie
Syrup Junkie at Munch 2014

Syrup Junkie – Delicious non alcoholic drinks, hot and cold, delivered with style. The perfect wake and warm up for shoppers of every age! This lovely duo hand craft their inventive range in small batches and there’s not a bit of preservative nastiness in them. Buy a bottle of chilli, blood orange or hibiscus and make some adventurous cocktails and mocktails at home.


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