14 Days till… Trees and Wreaths!

One of our favourite festive activities is DECORATING! And at Pexmas we provide not only the baubles and fripperies but the basics – we’re talking pine and fir, the building blocks of Christmas-ifying your abode! Come and get it!

Happy Pexmas Customer with his Tree, 2013

Trees for the Hospice – Where do you get your Christmas Tree? If it’s a ‘real’ one you’re after, wait till the 13th and come and choose one at Pexmas! We’re delighted that for the third year running, our friends Harry and Charlotte are back to supply Peckham with their beautiful trees in all shapes and sizes and donating their profits to St Christopher’s Hospice. Pick a tree, help a cause and get festive!


The Holly and the Ivy: live wreath

The Holly and the Ivy – When they are both full grown, of all the trees that are in the wood, the holly makes the most festive wreath! Get yours at Pexmas from Abigail who makes beautiful ‘living’ Christmas wreathes from locally sourced, natural materials – holly and ivy, sure but also beautiful firs, berries, cinnamon, fir cones. If you fancy something that lasts a bit longer, she also has a range of ‘dry’ wreathes made from wicker, hops, ribbons, dried fruit and beads.


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