13 Days till… Gifts Galore!

Pexmas is, of course, THE place this Christmas to get your dreaded shopping list well and truly ticked off. We have something to please each and every name on it, no exaggeration. Something for the dog? Got it. Check this little lot out…

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British Record Shop Archive

British Record Shop Archive – For all the music lovers and vinyl junkies. Leon strives to bring back the nostalgia of the old school record shop. He’ll be coming to Pexmas with vinyls, framed LPs and old record bags, along with hoodies and T-shirts. He also has new CD box sets from The Fall, Paul Weller and Philadelphia Soul. So wrap your little ears around that!

Pretty Peculiar: Lego Star Wars

Pretty Peculiar – World’s most fun brand name. These guys make unusual framed boxes for your wall; peculiar and definitely present-worthy! Beautifully designed and with a vibrant, kooky graphic feel these pieces are perfect for your mate who’s obsessed with Star Wars or Superheroes. They also come with vintage playing cards and match books. SOLD.

Captured on the Rye: Made in Peckham mugs

Captured on the Rye – The original ‘Made In Peckham’ brand returns to Pexmas! Mugs, cushions, lampshades, t-shirts, cards, coasters, jumpers, babygrows, prints… every Peckham home and Peckhamite needs something from these guys to shout loud and proud of our love of SE15. Follow the crows, bees, magpies and cows to this screenprinted delight of a stall…

Jagga loves Monty: Patterned dog collars

Jagga loves Monty – So back to the dog… Jagga Loves Monty has got all the glamour for your pooch and puss. Accessories like bow ties, bandanas, collars and leads with design conscious flair for the fluffies with style. Hilariously designed cardboard cabins and playhouses for your four legged friend to chill out in and investigate – a cat scratch DJ turntable maybe? Yours will be the coolest pet on the block.


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