10 Days till… Mulled Wine!

Pexmas Bar
Pexmas Bar 2013

Oh yes, we wouldn’t disappoint you! Of course we’re bringing our legendary Mulled Wine to Pexmas again this year. Made from our sort of secret syrup recipe, we have both red and white mulled wine on the bar again. Have one of each to keep the chills at bay this Pexmas-time… We’re spending this weekend a-mulling the syrupy-ness, so keep an eye on our instagram for updates! We’ll make sure and taste it properly for you.

Secret Syrups!

And never fear you can of course still also get a lovely craft beer from Brick Brewery or Clarkshaws Brewing Co at the Pexmas bar, and this year we’re creating a zingy GINger fizz for those who like their festive beverages chilled. So when you’re having a little break from the shopping, come and take a pew in the bar, enjoy the dreadful festive tunes (we like the REALLY obscure ones) and toast to the season!



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