9 Days till… Fabulous Furnishings…

…and homewares and trinkets and stocking fillers to make your heart glad! So many lovely items, so little time. Good job Pexmas has selected the very best stalls to sort out your shopping for you this season. For unique gifts for yourself, your loved ones and your home, give these folks a once-over:

Becky Cocks: Dolls’ House of Interiors Kitchenware

Becky and Stuart – Peckham’s enigmatic importers of beautiful french antiques and stylish homewares, this gorgeous pair are a regular feature at Pexmas’ events. The perfect stall to sort out your elegant relatives’ gifts and gather inspiration for your own abode. From furniture to furnishings, kitchenware to the kitchen sink, stop by for all the treats.

Pen and Gravy

Pen and Gravy – The most intricately decorated ceramics and textiles in eye popping colour matches, Pen and Gravy’s line of homewares brings a flash of style to every room of the house. Plates, vases and lampshades all hand drawn in satisfying tessellating patterns of curvaceous and geometric design. Lush gifts for EVERYONE.

Leisure Works Letter holding houses
Leisure Works Letter holding houses

Leisure Works – Newly formed Leisure Works are industrial craftsmen with a yen for contemporary furniture and homewares with a strong sense of design and high quality workmanship. We’re so excited to welcome them to Pexmas and see what treasures come out of the studio. One to watch as the brand grows…

Shop Eastern Bloc
Shop Eastern Bloc at Pexmas 2013

Shop Eastern Bloc – Jasia brings a little taste of Poland to South East London for another Pexmas. We are huge fans – she introduced us to the Gherkin Christmas tree bauble and the sparkly neon kitchen sponge. Need we say more? But we must mention the incredible authentic Wycinanki papercrafts, vintage wooden puppets and array of authentic knick-knacks on offer. Super festive, super stylish, super stocking fillers – just SUPER.

Wonderhammer cushions

Wonderhammer – The Wonderhammer is a collection of one off objects, contemporary crafts, hand dyed and digitally printed textiles, painted typography, ‘soft rock’, gemstones and dream tones. Homewares, jewellery and curiosities; handmade and appropriated by the artists of Wonderhammer. And it is wonderful indeed.


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