7 Days till… Illustration Stations!

Today let’s take a look at the rest of the Illustrators joining us on 13th – each with their own unique style and a special selection of goodies emblazoned with their gorgeous graphics. Christmas shopping heaven.

Birds in Hats

Birds in Hats – Alice Tams is back at Pexmas with her aviary of hilarious characters! Each one with a unique personality expressed via the media of millinery. Of course. Cards, prints, badges, magnets and her famous birds in hats calendar – these in demand feathery friends get everywhere! Oh and keep your eyes peeled for Bill Murray…

Joanna Layla

Joanna Layla – Hi bunny! Get this little chap ‘following a star’ on your Christmas cards this year. Joanna brings her hauntingly beautiful painted prints to Pexmas for the first time and we can’t wait to see all her wares, including her series inspired by the streets of South London!


Suzie Scott – The queen of wrapping paper is back at Pexmas; Suzie is an illustrator and surface designer with a love of colour and quirks that make her prints sing! Come and see her stall for all the decor to make your parcels delicious.

Paula McGurdy
Paula McGurdy

Paula McGurdy – A local artist with a series of gorgeous prints, bags, jewellery, cards and more, Paula returns to Pexmas with Milo, her stripey character, in tow! Expect fabulous Peckham treats, anatomical hearts, great stocking fillers and a wee bit of McGurdy magic to brighten up your festive season!

octopress_final.ai-2.psOctopress – A new design and print team in SE London, Octopress are landing at Pexmas with their Riso print calendars hot off the press! Be the first to snaffle yourself a 2015 beauty and maybe even some gift wrap while you’re at it…


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