6 Days till… International Nosh!

This is the season all about food! We agonise over it, purchase it, prepare it, cook it,  gift it, look at it and most importantly of all we eat and eat and eat and eat… And THAT fun starts at Pexmas. Take a trip around the world without ever leaving Peckham, and get your chops around this little lot:

Artusi at Munch 2014

Artusi – This amazing Bellenden Road Italian eatery is celebrating its first Christmas in Peckham. And what better way to get festive in the hood than by cooking up a storm at Pexmas? They’re bringing you Chef Paolo’s Meatballs, from his Mama’s recipe. Even if they weren’t so darn delicious, it’d be worth getting in line to enjoy all the inevitable puns…

2 - gyros in pitta.jpg
Greek Souvlaki

Greek Souvlaki – Moving around the Med, we come to Greece and these lovely chaps who joined us first at the Nunhead Bite in October. Enjoy traditionally prepared Greek Street Food including skewers, pitta wraps and sweet treats as you trundle round the stalls.

Banh Banh at Munch 2014

Bahn Bahn – Peckham’s premier Vietnamese Street Food offer are a regular feature at our events. This time Tien and crew are serving up their amazing warming winter menu of Pho (noodle soup), Bo Kho (beef stew) and Banh Mi (baguettes). Don’t miss out!


Margosa – We’re so pleased to have Margosa with us again! Aromatic traditional Sri Lankan curry cooked fresh onsite in a huge pan giving off gorgeous smells across the park. Served with daal, rice and Kalum’s special coconut spicy sambol to keep you toasty…

Hells Grill and Food

Hells Grill and Food – Specialising in the legendary Philly Cheese Steak (Grilled Rib Eye Steak with Mushrooms, Caramelized Onion and Roasted Peppers) these guys make their Pexmas debut with a bang! Smokin!


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