Etta Ermini The Picnic, at Munch-The Peckham Festival 2014

We create independent and participative events and interventions in great spaces. Festivals, pop ups, community networking, workshops and market experiences; all encouraging creative exchange between partners, organisations, traders and the public. These are community events styled and curated to inspire audiences of all ages to new delights. Some of them are our own events, some are curated in partnership and some are delivered for local authorities, business improvement districts, housing associations, venue holders or other stakeholders in a community.

We’re into increasing the social capital of communities however you define them, whether neighbourhoods, collectives of businesses or people who share a common interest, culture or challenge. Social capital is all about community cohesion through improving connections between folks and organisations in these communities; encouraging civic participation, conversation, improving local knowledge and confidence. Mostly it’s about enjoying your community, feeling proud of it and a part of it. And having a grand old time in the process.

If you want to contact us please email info@pexmas.com  or Tweet @Pexmas

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