Bite Me! Talks Tent

Bite Me! Talks Tent

Join us throughout the weekend for talks to get your taste buds a-tingling! Showcasing producers and providers of some of South London’s most celebrated tasty treats. Curated by Eve Hemingway, founder of Apples and Pears Supper Club.


12pmButchery Demo with Charlie from Flock and Herd

2pm – ‘From Starter to Finish – A Baker’s Dozen Bread Q&A‘ 13 questions you need to know about Sourdough with Rick from The Snapery Bakery and Eve Hemingway.

3.30pm – ‘Coffee – Hot Stuff or Cold Pressed?‘ – Coffee tasting with Jonathan, head barista at Mousetail Coffee and Harry from Sandows cold pressed coffee.

5pmBeer tasting with Rachel from Brockley Brewery. Learn all about the efforts craft breweries go to to make their beer just so!


12pm – ‘Urban Cheese-making – Secrets of the Modern Artisan‘ with Dom from Borough Cheese, Bill from Kappacasein and Kristen from Gringha Dairy. Cheese culture in the UK is thriving, but how are old traditions being made new in our cities today? How do the challenges of urban environments affect the produce itself?

1.30pmLocal beer tasting with Lucy from Clarkshaws and other Breweries from around the Brixton area.

3pm Chocolate tasting! Learn all about the different aromas and flavours of different cocoa beans with Isabelle from Melange as she takes you through seven of her best chocolates.

4.30pm – ‘Dealing with the Glut – Inventive Ways to Avoid Harvest-Time Waste.’ Chris and Sienna from Ali Baba Juices and Kylee Newton from Newton and Pott discuss the best ways to use up excess autumn fruit and vegetables. Kylee will have some top tips from her book about preserving, which comes out next year and there will be a chance to sample as well!

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