Garage Sale Trail UK 2015

We’re really rather proud to announce we’re partners on the UK’s first ever National Garage Sale Trail project, happening this year on Saturday 26th September! There are 3 area’s involved in this first year; Hackney, Brighton & Hove and Todmorden. So if you’re local to any of those hotspots, prick your ears up!


GST is an idea that’s made its way over many a big blue ocean from the land down under, where in just 5 years its grown into a national phenomenon designed to reduce illegal dumping and waste, encourage reuse, boost local economies and charitable giving – and propagate good old fashioned neighbourly vibes! Watch Darryl, one of the Australian founders, giving his TED talk about the project to get a better idea:

And now this lovely project is over here, and we’re helping to make it all work! So how can you get involved?

If you live or work in one of the 3 pilot areas, you can register your sale for FREE and flog your cast offs to folks who’ll love ’em like new.

If you are within reach of one of the 3 pilot areas and fancy a trawl around a load of great second hand sales (who wouldn’t?!) meeting some fab people along the way, then have a gander at the sales registered already and make your own treasure trail to follow on the day.

And if you’re just too far away to experience the pilots this year, but are interested in helping to run the programme in your local area next year, give us a shout on and we’ll give you the skinny on that.

Follow @GSTUK_HQ on twitter and instagram for more inside info, and we’re on facebook too, obv.