Our Friends

A nice spot for us to thank and celebrate some of the folks we work with on a regular basis who help to make Pexmas events fabulous! Thanks guys – we love ya!



A Big Lottery-funded programme that helps young people, ages 16-25, find space and support to do the things they love for free. somewhereto_ was created by Livity, a youth engagement agency that works with young people to co-create and execute engaging campaigns with big brands and communities. We work together at each Pexmas event to bring young entrepreneurs to market with support from expert mentors. For a look at one of these opportunities, check out Jammatology‘s experience with Pexmas MUNCH and chef John Quilter on somewhereto_’s YouTube channel here.

Our Designers – Philippa Hunt and Dominic Quaeck


Since the dawn of Pexmas, Philly and Dom have been the brains behind our visual branding and design work. Fonts, illustrations, logos, banners, posters and the never ending flyers… they keep us looking sharp! Check out their websites here:

 Philly Hunt Illustration

Dominic Q Design


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